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If you are like me in any way, you too are probably pretty worried about the world order in general by now.

Maybe, also like me you saw some of the hilarious impersonations of the crazy characters currently residing in the white house during the course of last week, in the beginning of February 2017, like the SNL 'Oval Office Cold Open' phone call sketch - or the Sean Spicerized press conference courtesy of a stellar performance by Melissa McCarthy.

Now, I'm not knocking phun in any way, but we also have to remember what the issues at stake really are here - and to that effect, for perspective I can recommend this article about the Munich Post in pre-war Germany.

It's interesting to note that the Hitler comparison in the article referred to above now seems a lot less off the mark than I would have bet on just a few months ago. Things are changing fast, and many old fears are getting a pretty rude reawakening. This Frog Pill was written about the same time last year that the Trump Molecular Assembly manifested as president-elect. Enjoy, and remember - have phun :-)

Ve are skrewed

Europe stands horrified at the brink, looking into the abyss of the unknown. In the depths below, the common subconscious belches and farts.

Now what?

You are not the only one worrying - but you know, worse things happen at sea.

A Bad Cookie

You really, really don't want to know what's on your soft drive.

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